Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for BABIES


                                                                          SWIRL HAT                                   


Yes, I actually made these two for my granddaughter and they fit.  Her name is Autumn.   I made the swirl hat using the Magic Loop method, doing it on one long cable needle.  The sweater was  also knit on a round needle and I only had to sew the sleeve seams. (click on TITLES for free patterns)

Many people say knitting for babies is easy, but if you are doing something that is new to you, as I did on these two projects, they're not that easy until you get the hang of the pattern and yes, they are smaller.

I've also included two free patterns that I did not make, but would like to.  One is for baby booties that will stay on (we'll have to see about that!):
                                                     STAY ON BABY BOOTIES

And my last free pattern is a blanket I would love to make, but am not sure if it is too difficult, here is the free pattern:
                                                           TREE OF LIFE BABY BLANKET


  1. Those are beautiful! I used to knit when I lived in the UK, but I haven't gotten back into it. The only thing I've made since then is a Harry Potter scarf for my kid for Halloween.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, that "tree of life" blanket is GORGEOUS! I'm not usually a fan of the free patterns offered up by LionBrand, but this is exquisite, especially in the purple! I think I'll have to give it a whirl next time I find myself in need of a baby blanket~! Thanks for the link <3

    *~* Julia *~* *~*

  3. I've seen that Tree of Life pattern, but since I'm lucky to be able to chuck out a plain scarf now and then, that's WAY beyond my capabilities. It sure is beautiful, though.

  4. what a lovely stuff for a baby :) and nice B too
    check out my B at GAC a-z

  5. I wish I had the patience and talent for this! These are beautiful! The best I can do right now is crochet in the round... maybe someday I'll learn knitting. Your grandbabies are quite lucky to have such a crafty grandma! :)


  6. My step sister is having a baby- I'd love to make that sweater- it's so different from the guernseys I usually make.
    A2ZMommy and What’s In Between

  7. Love those wee booties! Been a while since I've had to knit for small people - but I fancy having ago at that hat!

  8. what beautiful creations! i love that baby blanket. :)
    Great A-Z post.


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