Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Local Yarn Store - with RI stores listed

The knitting sites online are marvelous, especially my favorite RAVELRY, with free patterns, yarn of all types and weights, any needle you might want and of course the great blogs. However, everyone who knits comes to a point where they need the help and advice of their local yarn store. I do almost everything online, but I had to search out my local yarn store to find someone to SHOW ME a new procedure (in this case the Magic Loop) and give me encouragement on my intarsia project. It is sometimes not enough to watch the video online.

A good local yarn store has several ingredients and you may need to visit a few before you find one that you call home. One ingredient is, of course, yarn although so much of that can be bought online that this may not be the main ingredient. Another ingredient is location, is it convenient to you or if not, is it a place that you're willing to take the ride to. The main ingredient is the atmosphere and by that, I mean not the decor, but the people that congregate there. Any good store will have a place to sit and knit and receive help if needed and chat with other knitters. This is a great place to get project ideas and advice from more than one expert. Do they have stitch and bitch times that work for your schedule? Do they have classes that you might like to try? Does it just feel right?

The local yarn store that I found I liked best in Rhode Island is UNWIND which is in East Greenwich. This is not the closest for me, but the owner is great and willing to help even if I didn't buy my yarn there. The people I met were nice and so for now this is it.

These are other RI Local Yarn Stores to check out if you are in this area:

UNWINDRI 5600 Post Road, East Greenwich, RI
FRESH PURLS 269A Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906
BELLA YARNS 476 Main Street, Warren, RI
SAKONNET PURLS 3988 Main Street, Tiverton, RI
KNITTERS NOOK 127 Dean Ave., Smithfield, RI
KNIT ONE PURL TOO 406A Main St. Wakefield, RI

I have not reviewed these as I think each store has something for someone so check them out for yourself if in RI. There are others and if I missed your favorite let me know and I will add them on. I took places that had websites so that with one click you could get more information on them.

Those of you not in this area, check out your local yarn stores either online, in the (that's right) phone book or on Ravelry. Knitting with others is fun and beneficial, however, always remember to read online blogs!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Hates to Purl? Everyone?

For some reason, many knitters and almost all new knitters hate to purl. My theory is that perhaps it is because it is the stitch that you learn after the knit stitch. You practice the knit stitch much more and the purl stitch is only that thing you have to tolerate to make a stockinette or other decorative stitch.

For anyone who doesn't know, the purl is done like this:

To make purling a happier event and also to get more practice I stepped onto RAVELRY found two cute easy patterns with lots of purls in them. Also due to my daughter's pregnancy, I'm looking at baby items very closely.

Let me know if these fun patterns help you to learn to LOVE THE PURL. (Got to start my baby hat now)