Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ARRRRR - color knitting

ADDENDUM(to last year's post): Yes it is actually 2011 and one grandson has grown out of this not finished sweater, one to go. Any color knitting advice would be welcome to get me going.

Original post: Actually, yes, color knitting has come up finally in the pirate sweater for my grandson. I am fast approaching the area for the skull intarsia and am a little unsure about it. I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm not really confident in the next step, I put things off. i.e. pirate sweater and this blog. (not to mention taxes and other ugly things) Intarsia for those who don't know is placing a large area of another color in the middle of a piece. This will be a skull in the middle of the front of the sweater. Without the skull the sweater would be boring to my grandson, but a heck of a lot easier for me. To achieve this, the alternate color is in little balls or on bobbins and the main color remains the way it was. You end the main color, go to alternate and then back as the graph allows. No, I am no expert on this, if an expert is reading, please comment and correct me or add in. I'm knitting for the grandson so he will have a skull (as odd as that sounds) and hopefully a recognizable one.

My other pirate project, hubby's pirate hat with skulls all over is a stranded project, i.e. fair isle type knitting and so I will moan about that when I do it, no need to go into it now. Hubby wanted one for himself and the two grandkids, we'll see how that goes. (see free pattern) Knitting is slowly progressing and so is summer. We have had rain for about 2 months now. My plants put on sun glasses on the rare occasion the sun comes out. Good for staying in and knitting, but not good for anything else. This pirate wants to sail at community boating this summer and so far no chance. I sailed when I was young and haven't sailed myself in a long time. Last summer did take the Sushi Sail in Newport, excellent event, but more about that later, another is coming up. All the Sake you could drink, Yay. Thankfully I was not commanding that ship or we would have hit Long Island. Again, check out the links to knitting and other sites. More and more of those will appear as this blog shapes up. Hey make a comment and join in.

This cute sweater is from "Adorable Knits for Tots" by Zoe Mellor