Friday, December 16, 2011


Sorry about my absence, but I was away having a grandchild. I'm back now and know that everyone is putting the finishing touches on their gift knitting and considering gifts for their knitting friends.

One year when I was doing an extreme amount of knitting (for me anyway), I received books for Christmas. These were not just books with patterns in them but they were books about the craft of yarn making, it's history and patterns from around the country. I just dug this out recently and don't even know if it is still in print, but this or something similar makes a great gift for the knitter. The book is called "Knitting in America" by Melanie D. Falick.

Another book I received during that same time period, I still find to be excellent, not only in its patterns, but the general discussions of the craft of knitting. This one also is sort of old even though the title is "Knitting the New Classics" by Kristin Nicholas.

Even if these books are not available now (possibly updated versions are available) the point is that there are beautiful so called "tabletop" books out there for gift giving to knitters and all of them have useful information and patterns in them.

BTW, this hat went to the new grandchild, now doing sweater to match. She's growing too fast.

Her name is Autumn.


  1. They look like beautiful books. I love crocheting books!--Elaine K.

  2. What a pretty name. And a pretty hat to match the name!

    I have a small collection of those coffee-table-type knitting books, too. There's some good info in each of them.


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