Friday, September 9, 2011


I must apologize to my Pirate Knitting fans, I have not posted here in quite a while. Some of that has been "writer's block" and some of it has been because I have been taking time to learn how to "Magic Loop". This is a method of knitting something that would normally call for four double pointed needles on one circular needle.

I first went to my LYS and was taught the technique which I am applying to a baby hat. Then of course, I came home and didn't work on it right away. Naturally, when I picked it up again, alas I had forgotten almost everything I learned. Rather than drive all the way to the LYS, I decided to find what I could online and those videos and web sites are what I will post . I personally will not attempt to teach what I don't really know. However, I have found it to be a wonderful system and not extremely difficult. The baby hat is coming along fine, so far, although I do anticipate looking for human help soon. This technique can be used for SOCKS instead of the sometime cumbersome use of four double pointed needles. Also I have some cute animals that are done in this method which I will post soon.

This is the hat as it stands now and very soon I'll be decreasing for the crown.

Here are the links for a further look at MAGIC LOOPING: YOUTUBE DEMO and NON VIDEO TUTORIAL. OK now pick up your needles and start looping!


  1. Loving the hat so far. I have a hard enough time working with two needles in knitting, there's no way I could master four. Off to check out the videos!

  2. That's the joy of the Magic Loop, you only have to handle two and yet make things that used to need four.


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