Monday, May 16, 2011

S is for SWEATERS: Knitting Tips and Thoughts

In this short blog, I cannot tell you how to knit a sweater, however, I can point the way and give some Tips and Thoughts based on my sweater making history. Before you start a sweater you should:

1. Know how to knit, purl, increase and decrease. That's it. Complex patterns come later.

2. Know your sizing and about sweater fitting. Most of my sweater mistakes (and there have been many) have had to do with proper FIT. Here is a site that might be helpful: KNIT TO FIT from the blog "Eat, Sleep, Blog".

3. Do knit a gauge. I don't always on all patterns like dishcloths, etc., but in order for it to fit you need to find your gauge.

4. Do some simple projects first, scarves, dishcloths and towels, and hats are good for getting experience in increases and decreases. This will build your knitting confidence.

5. Choose a relatively simple pattern. The one pictured on the blog is from a magazine called "Knit Simple" and it is a great looking sweater, but not difficult. Don't start with color changes and complex patterns.

6. While following my blog is vital to life on this planet, if you are starting a sweater you should get to know your LYS (Local Yarn Store). Here you will receive hands on help and meet great people. (look for my post in "L" regarding LYS).

7. Enjoy and don't be afraid to FROG. Also, buy a little extra yarn just in case.

Any questions? Well then start that sweater!!!!


  1. Sounds like some wise tips when you're trying to knit a sweater the first time.
    I have yet to try knitting a sweater unless using a knitting loom (which hubby assures me is cheating) counts. ^^

  2. I've crocheted several sweaters through the years, and knitted some baby sweaters, and one for my sister in law...though patricia's husband might say I cheated, used the bond for the SIL's sweater. Though I didn't have a pattern exactly so felt like I worked at it.

    The photo doesn't look all that easy...would love the easiest sweater possible using garter stitch. I can purl, just don't like it. I like how much quicker garter stitch is and I like the texture. Ideas?

    Gauge...haven't done that exactly...I look at the skein and do math; but truly find it hard to count the rows and stitches with knitting...crocheting counting is much easier.

  3. I've tried...and decided to instead count on my daughter to be the knitter of the family. Unlike me, she's coordinated enough to handle the needles.


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