Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today we salute the RHODE ISLAND PIRATE PLAYERS, the inspiration my blogs "Pirate Knitting" and the new one A PIRATE LOOKS PAST SIXTY.

What are the RIPP and what do they do? They certainly do more than dress up in pirate costumes and play with swords, they are:

1. Historical researchers who delve into the history of the real pirates that populated Rhode Island (not the incorruptible state that it is today) and some who thrived.

2. They are intelligent and talented players, who work hard to bring this history to life for the education and enjoyment of the people of RI at library programs, the summer walking tour in Newport, educational programs in schools and much more. Check out their website.

3. These pirates will not tolerate doing anything in a manner that is not authentic to the time period and personage that they are portraying.

4. They are working on obtaining their own ship, without having to steal one, look at the picture and story of the "Devine Retribution" on their page.

5. They are a duly organized non-profit organization under State and Federal law and I'm sure would love any contributions you might like to give them.

6. Go to DEAD MENS TALES and check out the pirate tours of Newport, RI for your summer vacation this year.

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun, and kind of scary at the same time. Maybe it's my fear and fascination with pirates, but I would have never thought something like this would exist- especially in the states! What a fun idea, and especially if it's for good cause.



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