Thursday, May 26, 2011

P is for PIRATE LOOKS PAST SIXTY (Unabashed Plug)

I am so far behind in this challenge that I thought a small post plugging my new blog would not be really frowned upon. If it is then frown away, I'll get over it.

The new blog is A PIRATE LOOKS PAST SIXTY and has all the fun of this great blog without the knitting. This blog will continue with fun and knitting and a Pirate Needlepoints might be in the works too.

For my non-crafting blog I chose to write about what I (and also Jimmy Buffett is) am,
"an over sixty victim of fate". Retired, but not rich. Having fun, still partying and yet told by kids that maybe I should drop the Ed Hardy sneakers. I guess it's a place that the web was dumb enough to give me to express all my thoughts and yours (in comments) on "growing older, but not up" as my man Jimmy would say. I also hope to add some helpful info for us nonseniors so we can take advantage of the good part and stay healthy for the rest.

So my "P" is a Plug, like there aren't a few of those on the web eh, but hopefully you'll check it out and enjoy. We'll be knitting again shortly.


  1. I don't have any Ed Hardy tennies, but I frequently wear shoes that make my son shake his head. I'll get old when I'm damn good and ready...and I'm not nearly there yet. :O)

  2. Never to late for a plug post.



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