Monday, May 30, 2011

O is for Out (as in I'm out) and Options on Ravelry

I am sadly writing this post to say that I am out of the Z to A Challenge, with travel and all I just couldn't keep up and I'm impressed with those that have, right after the A to Z Challenge.

I don't want to waste this post and for my knitting followers and people who have taken my advice and gone on RAVELRY I want to describe some fun things that happen there.

1. The contests, I always participate and always lose, but still it's fun. They revolve around a reality show like The Amazing Race and now "So You Think You Can Dance". Go to that group and sign up and you will be given contestants. If your contestant wins, everyone in your group has to give you knitting supplies or gift certificates for yarn stores up to $20. In the Amazing Race I had two contestants and they each lost in the first couple weeks, dummies, so I had to pay winners in two groups. Check it out, I know they do it for Idol and many of the others these are just the two that I participate in.

2. Many of the groups on Ravelry have Knit Alongs. Since I can't even keep up in a blog challenge, I haven't done these, but you all knit the same project and discuss it along the way whether you are in California or London. The groups on Ravelry are really fun and informative.

Pirate Knitting will now be rolling along without a challenge to spur it, but look here for fun patterns and interesting things a few times a week.


  1. I hate to see you give up. You don't have to complete the challenge in May or even post every day. Perhaps you'll write an N some time next week, and a M the week after. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.


  2. @Joyce, I will still be writing Pirate Knitting regularly, just not in alphabetical order.


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