Saturday, April 30, 2011

Y is of course for YARN

Yarn is this reason I knit, I don't know about any of you. A yarn store, even a small one, is like heaven with fibers all over, all types, all weights and sizes, and you want to take all of them home. This is why some many knitters have "stashes". In the this '60's Stashes were a different thing, but in knitting a stash is all that yarn you JUST HAD TO BUY and had no real purpose for, but will someday, somehow make it into some the marvelous.

Actually you can knit with most anything from crochet thread to heavy thick bulky types that would be on something like a #19 needle.

Many people make bookmarks with crochet thread because anything of a higher weight would curl, see image

The other light weight yarns are sock yarn and fingering yarn. Sock is obviously used for socks and fingering is used in many light weight things, but the most common are baby knits.

Look above for the lecture on Worsted under "W" and then we have Bulky, which is a very thick yarn done on very large needles and usually knits up very quickly.

This is just a tip of the iceberg on yarns, there may be more in another day or so. Yarns and needles work together to make the size and weight of item that you are knitting (refer to N is for Needles).

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  1. My mom constantly knits me scrubbers for the kitchen out of the scratchy yarn. I would be lying if I said I didn't love it. I wish I could knit- but I don't have the knack for it! What's your favorite thing to knit?


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