Wednesday, April 27, 2011

U is for Usual Places

We all have our usual places where we end up going on a pretty regular basis and where "everyone knows our names" (to steal from Cheers).

For knitters and crocheters this is often a "stitch and bitch" at a favorite yarn store. Usually one night or afternoon a week the group gets together working on different projects and if needed, receive expert help from the staff and other crafters. Great for the knitters, great for the store owner and great for learning.

There are other usual places in our lives, Fellini's Pizza was one of mine for a few years and I even got a free lunch a few times. I never knew other patrons that well, but got to know the staff, their stories and always felt welcome. Now my usual place is Dunkin' Donuts (yes these all relate to food I admit it) where they save my regular coffee roll for me and other people I know are there as it is in the neighborhood. In college, I was active on the event planning board so hung out in the Student Union. I eventually had a job at the Union and I am still close friends today with many of the people I met there, including my husband.

Now retired, my husband and a friend of his drop into a place called Gilligan's maybe once a week and have become part of friendly group they really enjoy. There is even a usual place nearby where some of the blackjack dealers knew me pretty well, but hey that's another story.

Where are your usual places?

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