Friday, April 22, 2011

Q on BEING a Q

I am not a natural Q, I was born to another letter. I grew up as a B, part of that boisterous, bustling, bunch that is almost at the top of the alphabet. My life as a B was full of being up front and noticed, alphabetically speaking and yet being part of a pretty large crowd in the world of finding records and documents.

Then I met a natural Q and we married and since it was 1974, there was a decision for me to make. Would I remain a B as more and more women were starting to do, would I become a B-Q, also a trend at the time, (but kind of annoying) or would I become a Q as women had done for years. At first Q status meant changing documents and then as time went on we had little Qs. As they entered permanent record land (known as school) I found the privilege of being Q. There was usually only one in a group, if any. I then realized that Q was a select small group and a group whose records were easily found. Although on the local voting list we were placed after R by an alphabetically challenged clerk, which caused some confusion every 4 years.

Being a Q stood out; not always in a good way, as in law school when a professor called on me first in a group of 125 because I was the only Q. Now my oldest Q is a T and my grandsons are T's. My son is still a proud Q and will probably remain so and may make some natural Q's of his own. Thus my life as a Q so far.

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  1. Love this take on our surnames. I grew up as a B and became a V. Recently, I read that those in the beginning of the alphabet have an easier life than those at the end. What does that say for those of us who move closer to the end of the line?


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