Thursday, April 21, 2011

O & P are for Other People and other O's and P's

I know I'm cheating a bit, but I am behind and I hope it will be worth it. I also apologize to anyone who was expecting "P" to be Pirates or Purling well maybe on the way back Z to A.

This short post is about other people because (Marie Anne) that's how I became involved in the first place. When I started Pirate Knitting, I looked for other blogs and bloggers. I knew they were out there but I couldn't seem to find any community or group. Then came the challenge and no this is not an obituary for the challenge, as I intend to continue, but actual praise for the experience.

I am not a writer, like many others I left another profession, law, and then decided I could write. Places like AC allowed me to write and some people, mostly on the legal side, paid me to write, but this month I found all the real writers. I was both shamed and thrilled to read the excellent blogs and I have not yet even read the whole challenge group.

I believe the same people were or are on YCN, but I saw everyone in a different light during this obsessive journey. Some I had not noticed at all on YCN, which was also a community, but kind of complaining snarky one, and I could be the snarkiest. The group here on Facebook and others in the challenge are such talented caring people that I am glad Other People (Marie Anne) led me to it.

I thank all the non-knitters for struggling through my blog and I thank everyone for letting me make it about more than just knitting as I had always Planned. I hope I used enough O's and P's to pass the audition. Also, what a techie I've become!


  1. This challenge has been a wonderful experience for me. I've met some great people--some kindred spirits (you are one!), talented writers, and overall friendly folks. I'm not staying for the Z-A one, but I do hope to stay in touch with many of the people I met here.

    I think that I'm going to give NaBloPoMo ( a shot in May. The daily writing prompts are kind of cool, and they are only suggested topics--not requirements.

    My A-Z Blogging “R” post is right here:

  2. @word nerd: I wish you all the luck in the NaBloPoMo. If you write a novel I would be happy to buy it. I'll still be following Word Nerd, if you'll still be doing it.

  3. Have to say I've enjoyed all your posts: knitting or non. It's been so much fun hopping through the blogosphere and meeting so many wonderful writers. For we are all writers, aren't we?

  4. Hehehe yet another writer here. I've tried many times to take up knitting. Maybe I'll pick something up here.



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