Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for ICELANDIC (Fair Isle Knitting)

While it should be clear by now that I am absolutely a beginner at color knitting, but I do like stranded knitting more than intarsia and the typical Icelandic design has a design of different colors at the bottom of the sweater and then similar or very close to the same design around the neck. These are examples I DID NOT KNIT:


My other favorite Icelandic designs are on MITTENS :

Icelandic designs as everyone can guess originated from Iceland, Finland, Norway and Nordic islands. They are a nice way to step into color knitting because in stranding you carry the colors rather messing with the nasty bobbins of intarsia and it is really pretty to watch the pattern emerge. However, 80% of the sweater is straight stockinette knitting so you don't have to worry about the color mix all the time or even a pattern as in Ganseys. I always picture these sweaters and mittens on ski slopes, but the Lopi yarn used for many of them is warm enough even for here in RI in the winter.

When choosing an Icelandic pattern, especially on Ravelry which is so international, make sure it is written in English unless you read Icelandic, Finnish, etc. You know this is a mistake I would make in a heartbeat.


  1. Knitting seems so much more complicated to me than crocheting does. Those are beautiful samples. Please find my A-Z Challenge at

  2. Gosh that sweater is beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Those are very pretty designs. I wish that I could knit. Thanks for following me. I tried to follow you, but I couldn't find the button. I'll try again soon. Julie

  4. I only mastered the two-handed stranding this winter. It's a technique I've avoided for years.


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