Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Back - More Free Knitting Patterns

Hi pirate readers,

Pirate Knitting is back. I first revived it with my article "Unique Summer Events in RI", FIND LINK in the last post.

Now I want to present a few very easy and more importantly very quick things to make while you are lounging around this summer.

The first one, which I am working on now, is a hat that was a Vogue free pattern this year. It is made with Noro varigated yarn that knits into a very pretty striped pattern. Make them now and you can give them to all your friends for Christmas. Noro has many different colors in this varigated and it only takes one skein for the hat. This yarn is part wool and part silk and just lovely. Yarnmarket has a pretty good price on it. VOGUE KNITTING has wonderful free patterns check it out at

Dishcloths and washcloths, how easy and how much fun. I am making the I (heart) NCIS for a big NCIS fan that I know. I need a row counter for this, but all of you with bigger brains could probably do it without. I have also included the feather and fan which is so easy and yet come out rather elegantly for a dish cloth.

I am putting all these patterns and a few more on my FREE PATTERNS section. Just click on the FREE PATTERNS to the left and you will find. Any trouble with any of them let me know at

Also don't forget to take the pirate tour in Newport this summer, Bowen's Wharf, Dead Mens Tales, you won't regret it.