Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Day

Hi any readers. This is my first day blogging and hopefully not my last. As in the description, I have been doing some pirate knitting and I think I am now doing this blog to skip away from everyone's hats and sweaters for awhile.

My return to knitting has been amazing in that, due to the internet, the hobby has grown and many things are available, not the least of which are free patterns. These were not often seen in the "old" days. Also the styles are fun, not always what I would wear, but the younger knitters are just great.

But what is the point of this blog. Well I do hope to post some free patterns that I especially like and direct you all to interesting knitting pages and events. Everyone should at least drop into just once. Also I hope to discuss a few broader topics like changes in life, lifestyle, aging or being young. Even just the people we are knitting for. Discussing intarsia or stranding for colors, I will leave to the experts, but there is a human face behind those that we are stranding for and I think they are worthy of discussion, not just mine, but yours too. We are getting into the knitting season for Christmas and it might be interesting to know why Aunt Jane is getting crazy socks, could be just because they're faster or because Aunt Jane herself is crazy. This is the plan which may change by any comments anyone might have, otherwise I'm just talking to myself, done frequently, but not really the point.
CHECK BELOW FOR MY FAVORITE LINKS. New ones added daily and enjoy the pirate games.


  1. Hi! Nice blog. Everything looks great. Nice job. *^_^*b

    I hope to hear more of your Pirate knitting adventures!!

  2. Sarah, thanks for the kind words, I hope you'll drop by again.



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