Tuesday, June 30, 2009

D & D Pirates

This blog is still in formation and will have varying posts, mostly on the craft of knitting or some needlepoint and pirates. I did explain in the "first day" post about the pirate connection.

I would like to speak to the pirate connection further in this post. As has been seen on the news there are pirates and there are pirates. My blog will have no relation to Somalian terrorist pirates or any other truly murderous pirates in the past of the present.

The pirates in this blog will be of the D and D nature. By D and D I refer to the Disney and Depp pirates. The rather inept, thieving, but good hearted pirates that appear in children"s fiction and sometimes adult fiction too. These are the pirates the we enjoyed on the big screen, i.e. Depp pirates in "Pirates of the Caribbean". These pirates are the ones that have inspired the newer knitting patterns for children and adults. Other skull patterns come for the Goth community, who have designed the skully knit hat. These two areas of design have come up with some really fun and innovative projects, i.e. dishcloth/washcloth with a skull on it.

So there you have it. No especially informative, but there are good and terribly bad pirates. The good ones helped us out in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The bad ones kill and threaten American captains and ships. When you are in New Orleans next (a trip worth taking) check out the statute of Jean Lafitte, a pirate memorialized by a city.

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